Steel Lintels for Domestic or Commercial Use

If you’re looking for domestic or commercial lintels, Traditional Structures Ltd designs and manufactures high-quality steel lintels, suitable for commercial and industrial properties or domestic dwellings. As depicted in the images below, most steel lintels are either made with a universal beam (UB) or a universal column (UC). Beams are usually taller than it is wide, while columns have roughly the same height and width. We can provide lintels from any material your engineer has requested, so please get in touch today and let us know your requirements.

Single UB/UC

The most basic form of lintel is a single UB or UC. All you need to do is provide us with the specifications your engineer has requested, and we can cut to size, drill any holes you require for timbers or other fittings, protect with a coat of paint, and deliver straight to your site.

Double UB/UC

Similar to the single UB/UC lintel, the double version features a pair of UBs or UCs bolted side by side. As per your engineer’s requirements, we can cut to size, drill as required, and then paint and deliver your lintel directly to your site. You will need to tell us the overall length and width of the pair and what type of spacer material you require (usually a small diameter tube), and we'll do the rest.

T-Section ub/uc

A pair of UBs or UCs can also be bolted together to form a T-section. All lintels are fabricated as per your engineer’s requirement. All we need is the lengths of the two pieces and the location and type of the connection and we can do the rest. Your lintel will be fabricated, cut to size, drilled, welded in a T-section, then painted and delivered to your site.

Single, spliced ub/uc

Similar in appearance to the single UB/UC model, this type of lintel is spliced into two or more pieces, usually if the overall item is too heavy in one piece or installation access is restricted. We will need to know the overall length of the bar, how many splices are required, and where it is a standard splice or a plated splice, as shown in the image. Once we have all the details we will cut, fabricate, paint, and deliver straight to your site.

Please Note

If required, we can also provide spreader and packing plates. All fixings, bolts, all-threads, and plates will be included in any quote given. Please be aware that we are unable to advise what size and weight of material you require. Your structural engineer will provide you with this information and we will work to this specification.


Bespoke Steel Lintels

Whether it’s a domestic or commercial lintel, all our steel lintels are tailored to clients’ needs.

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