No One Does It Better, No One Takes More Care That's a Promise

Steel Designed, Manufactured and Erected to the Highest Industry Standards

Traditional Structures provides a nationwide service from our strategically placed headquarters in the West Midlands. Founded in 1988 we continue to be a privately owned company that delivers a wide range of professional services, from design  through to fabrication & erection of structural steelwork, cladding systems and bolt on packages. With more than 30 years experience in the design, supply, and installation of structural steelwork & building systems this means our staff & operatives have amassed the knowledge to provide technical & cost effective solutions to the most complex of projects. 

Wide-Ranging Services

Responding to our clients’ requirements for us to offer wider bolt-on service packages, we also supply and install all types of roof and wall cladding systems, pre-cast concrete floors and stairs, steel decking, and structural timber products. We are proud to act as a one-stop shop for all of your construction package needs, whether it’s industrial, commercial, high-rise, or public building projects. We also deal with high-volume agricultural buildings such as poultry houses.

Our comprehensive construction package of design, CAD drawings, in-house fabrication, and site erection is backed by excellent industry credentials. This gives our clients total confidence in achieving the best value for money and a sound building structure.


Traditional Structures is fully committed to the true principles of partnering with the aim of completing contracts without conflict. All of our staff members understand that a trustworthy partnership has the ability to benefit everyone involved. This belief is embedded in all our management systems, and we use open communication to eliminate adversarial situations.

Our approach is to work closely with our clients, allowing us to achieve high-quality results and provide an outstanding performance, all while keeping within the desired budget and timescale. Thanks to this policy, we’ve dramatically improved our ability to contribute to the evolving aims of our clients, with reduction in duplication and greater ability to forward plan resource and improve works delivery.

Our team approach extends to our supply chain relationships with constructive long-term commitment to the benefit of our clients.



Utilising state-of-the-art technology and combining it with their wealth of experience, our highly skilled design team work tirelessly to create steel structures. Our ethos is to completely understand the structural project in hand, including its functional requirement, architectural aesthetics, environmental impact, sustainability issues, and cost value. Thanks to this, we’re able to provide our clients with an innovative structural solution that matches their project aspirations for quality and value.

This total commitment means working closely with our clients’ team of construction professionals, architects, engineers, and project managers when required. We use these partnerships to ensure that all relevant aspects of the project are covered. What’s more, everything we design conforms to the exact requirements of each build.

Having worked on the most demanding structural projects, our design team is uniquely experienced. This allows our clients to access a bank of knowledge to achieve the most relevant design solution for the project.

The success of our design team’s integrated approach to structural matters means that clients are increasingly utilising our additional services to achieve cost-saving, one-stop project solutions. These services include roof and wall cladding systems, pre-cast concrete floors, stairs, steel decking, and structural timber products.

On-Site Construction

At this stage of our work, the expertise of our structural designers and steelwork fabricators brings tangible results. The professionalism of our on-site operatives is matched by the precision of the fabricated components delivered to site. The continuity of long-serving staff in all sectors of our business leads to a complete understanding and confidence in being able to progress contracts on site within agreed time schedules.

Many of our clients have complimented Traditional Structures on the smooth running of our work on site, which sets a quality standard and example to following trades. It is at this stage that clients also see the value of our design team’s advice and often-innovative design applications, having created economical solutions that add tangible value for swift and accurate installation.


Working in close collaboration with our design team, our fabricators bring a unique combination of technology and experience to this section of the structural steelwork programme. At Traditional Structures, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce steel fabrications to exacting tolerances, making sure that we’re the ones who improve the industry’s standards.

We do not simply rely on technology! Our fabricators utilise their skills and craftsmanship to thoroughly check all components, ensuring it complies with all of the necessary requirements. Our approach to traditional quality is embodied in our company’s quality statement – no one does it better, no one takes more care. This personal accountability policy gives our clients outstanding quality and value for money.

We hold CE Accreditation to execution class 3 and BIM level 2 which is BCSA accredited for even the most complex structures.

Bolt-On Services

Many of our clients find our bolt-on services useful and convenient to retain continuity of service delivery with the structural steelwork phase. The advantage of adding bolt-on services to the structural steelwork contract makes for a smoother easier solution to keep up the momentum of the build. Our bolt-on services consist of the following areas:

  • Structural Metal Decking
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Staircases
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Floor Planks
  • Laminated Timber Products
  • Roof and Wall Cladding - including architectural composite cladding systems and industrial built-up systems.
  • Certified Members of the Kalzip Network of Approved Suppliers for standing seam aluminium systems
  • Gravity Fed and Syphonic Drainage Systems

Further details of all these bolt-on services are available upon request.

 Simply get in touch to find out how they can benefit your particular project.

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